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A non-profit association with high ambitions

Archipelago Week 28

Week 28 means a starting point for a significant initiative for an upcoming event in Kristinehamn. A gathering that unites companies, associations, society, the municipality and other stakeholders in Värmland and Kristinehamn.

Our goal is to contribute to strengthening Värmland's community and Kristinehamn's dynamism as a living city.


World-class quality of life
In wild beautiful Värmland

During Archipelago Week 28, we want to offer a variety of activities that attract both locals and visitors.

Archipelago Week 28 is for you who live here, those who want to live here, those who visit us and those who should live here


Archipelago Week is run without financial interest other than to cover the costs of creating a safe, sustainable and rewarding week of events.

We need sponsors to make this possible. Do you want to join and support us? Contact us for more information on how you can contribute.

Any surplus goes to the Sea Rescue.



Petra Eriksson 073-028 80 19
Camilla Svensson 072-231 31 60


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